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Bold Print Bathroom: Woodstock, NY

This is how you do a bold print the right way. I admit, this space was fairly finished off when my clients purchased it. It too suffered from a lack of color, but the space was beautiful in itself. My biggest challenge here was doing just a little bit to make the space their own, but also keeping it on a super low budget so we could use that money elsewhere in other parts of the home.

Here is the canvas I had to work with when starting:


What is my go-to in this scenario? Where I need something cheap, easy, but to make a statement? You guessed it -- wallpaper(or paint)! But in this case... WALLPAPER! :)

What I love about my client is that she isn't afraid of print, especially bold print. It takes a special type of client to allow me to go this far... and please hear me when I say that I am eternally grateful for her unending trust in me. When I showed her this print in the book, I wasn't sure if it would seem like too much, because sometimes the size on a sheet in a book, it's just really hard to get a sense of how it would play in the space. But because this was such a tall, white room, I knew scale was super important here. I needed to go big so that the design wouldn't get muddled up and lost in the space. So this giraffe meets zebra meets mid century modern print fit the bill in every way! When she gave me the green light I took it and ran with it.

So, I'm curious to hear your thoughts! Hope you love it as much as we do. Check it out:

Bath Tub Rack: Wooden Bath Tub Caddy

Again, less is more. The wall was the statement, and everything else was just a little bit of styling. And boy, oh boy, do I love styling. My favorite go-to place for that is World Market. I know, I know, it may not be the highest scale place but I can assure you they have incredible stuff at super reasonable prices. So if you ever need a friend to tag along there with you, please call me. :)

Thanks! I hope this room speaks to your soul like it does for me!

Forever Grateful,


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