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How to Install a Wall Decal

I hesitated whether or not to write this post because those who have been following me know I have a strong aversion to decals in general. I think they can sometimes cheapen a room depending upon what you put up ("live, laugh, love"... I'm looking at you!). But alas, I did find a wall decal that made my heart flutter and I loved it so much that I decided to use it in a recent room I did: a kids room!

When installing it, I realized that the idea of placing a giant sticker on a wall can probably be intimidating for some. So I figured I'd break it down step by step so that if you choose to place a chic decal in a room, you'd have the tools to do so. You're welcome, lol.

Step 1: Lay your decal flat and weight it down for 24 hours so the edges don't roll up.

Photo Credit @MackofAllTradesNY

Step 2: Wash the wall and allow it to dry. You don't want any little bits of dust or particles on the wall because then it will mess with the decal's ability to adhere to the wall and it it may cause imperfections. We definitely don't want that.

Step 3: Rub decal on ground with credit card so it adheres to the white paper on the back again.

Step 4: Tape the decal up to the exact spot where you want it with painters tape. Step back several times, make sure it works and is even. Measure it if need be. Just make sure it's precise visually. Because wherever you place it, it can't be moved after you start peeling.

Step 5: Place a giant piece of tape across the middle to stabilize it. You will need this to ensure the decal stays in place when you pull back the top part of it to begin adhering it to the wall.

Step 6: Pull back the top part of it delicately and slowly peel the white backing off. Once you do, cut it off. Then brush the decal upwards so the sticky part is fixed to the wall again.

Step 7: Go under the bottom part of the decal and slowly peel back the remainder of the white backing. As you work your way down, make sure you or someone else is smoothing the sticker over the top and working out any air bubbles or imperfections.

Step 8: Go back over the entire decal on the wall with your credit card or squeegee. The idea is you want to make sure all aspects of the sticker are fixed to the wall entirely.

Step 9: Start at the top and slowly, and I mean very slowly. Peel back the top wax paper on the decal. Take your time ensuring there aren't any imperfections or tears as you go. You can brush over the top of the decal with your fingers to smooth it out if there are any perfections as you work your way down.

Step 10: Once you have finished peeling back the wax paper, step back and look to see your finished product. It should be completely ready to go!

Curious to hear if you have any other tips on how to place the perfect wall decal. If so, be sure to leave a comment!

Forever Grateful,


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