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Upstate NY Airbnb Laws by Town

This is probably the number one question I get as a realtor in Upstate NY. People want to know what the laws are for certain jurisdictions since many are beginning to outlaw or at least severely restrict #Airbnbs. So I have done my best to pull together some resources for you.

Keep in mind these are only accurate as the date of this publishing and these law are constantly being revisited by towns. That's just one of the risks we take when investing in #Airbnbs. But hopefully this helps hedge your bet a little bit! :)

Lastly, I think it's important to mention that if you own or are considering purchasing in these areas, it is extremely important that you get involved in these town hall meetings and present your position. It's a lot easier to pass restrictions, than to roll them back. Many of these restrictions are passing because STR owners are not showing up and engaging in the discussion. While this may seem like an extra burden, it's really important that if you are investing, you are connected to the local community and in tune with what the concerns are and how you, as a STR owner can help address those concerns. Without that level of team work, I suspect the restrictions will continue to become tighter and tighter....

Hope this helps a little bit in terms of starting your search :)

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Ulster County:

Greene County

Columbia County

Dutchess County

If you have any other towns you like to add, or any additional information just comment below!

Good luck with your investing :)

Forever Grateful,



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