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Small & Tall Bedroom Design: Woodstock, NY

And sadly, this is the final install of my #LakeviewDrive home reveal. I love this project so much. While I'm trilled it's finished and my clients are finally able to enjoy it, I'm a little sad that the process is over. Not only has it brought me an opportunity to explore my own creativity, but it has brought me such joy being able to help my clients achieve one of their life-long dreams of having a second home in the Catskills for them and their family to enjoy together. It really has been such a special project to work on and I'm so grateful for the opportunity. So let's finish it off with a bang!

This room, our final room, presented me with the most challenges. With it being considered "the second bedroom" we had one major problem: It didn't fit a bed easily at all. Plus, throw in the fact that my client needed a space to work from home, and this was also going to be that space... we had to get super creative about how we use it. Luckily for me (and her), I am an expert at small spaces! You don't live in #NYC for almost two decades without learning a thing or two about that! :)

So as always, my first thought was where are we going to incorporate the color? With such a small room, color can really make it feel enclosed if it's not done right. So I decided to go to the one place that makes the room feel bigger... the ceiling. In this case, the ceiling really is quite tall. So rather than have a focal wall, why not draw the eye up to the incredible ceiling and highlight that with a splash of color? And what color was I thinking? You guessed it. Blue. The same blue from the incredible couch downstairs. Why not pull the blue from the living room and place it here so we can continue to make the design plan of the overall house cohesive? Done and done. A splash of blue and vavavoom!

Second issue was the square footage, which I mentioned before. Now, while I seldom do this, I felt a Murphy bed was appropriate in this particular situation. We needed something that we could put away during the day so she could work in the space. And while the desk has yet to arrive (booooooo for being on back order!), we solved the problem by having a bed that can easily be tucked away when working from home. For those of you who are designers, you know how hard it is to find an attractive Murphy bed. Locating this one took a few sleepless nights. So please, furniture designers out there, work to fill this void in furniture design. Please and thank you!

Lastly, this space needed something special. Something sentimental. Luckily for me, my client had a specific piece of art that she loved. She got it while traveling in New Orleans and it reminds her of her two sons. Literally the color, the composition, the framing all worked perfectly in the room. Now while I would like to take credit for it all :), I can admit that it was serendipitous that she found this piece and held on to it waiting for the perfect spot to place it. I am so glad it has finally found that spot to be showcased.

So check it out! I'm curious to hear your thoughts. Here's the second small but tall bedroom:

Murphy Bed: Urban Murphy Bed

Chair: Antiqued. Sorry. But here is a link to shop the look.

Photo Credit @Mack's iphone (nope, this is not a professional photo but I wanted to include one of the painting cause it's so perfect for the space.)

Welp! This is the last room on this particular project and I'm oh-so-grateful for the opportunity to have done it. I'm hoping 2023 is filled with lots more real estate and interior designing. Seeing how happy my clients were when they got to finally enjoy their space meant the world to me. I'm just hoping the universe brings me more opportunities to spread joy through the work that I love next year.

Sending you lots of love as we go into 2023!

Forever Grateful,


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