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My Mission for 2020: To Create More

I am no different than any other millennial (although, for the record, I am on the cusp between being a millennial and a Gen Y. Very notable, folks!). I have worked since I was 13-years-old, held a wide variety of jobs (including even working in a corn maze), but for the past 13+ years I've been in education. It's been a roller coaster of a journey. I have always "liked" it but dare I say what is taboo for most educators to speak of--I can't honestly say that I have never loved it. Some people I know, it's their calling. The eat, breathe and sleep teaching. I respect that, but that's not me. I've been good enough at it, and found some stability and enjoyment out of it, but I am clear there is something missing for me in my work professionally. So here I am, in my mid 30's (yes, this lady is revealing her age) just trying to figure out my next moves. I have a pretty good sense of who I am, what my interests are and I think I may have an idea of what I want my next steps to be, but I figured I would take this year to be as creative as possible, in every realm possible, and see where that leads me.

So here's the rules:

1) I will engage in at least one creative activity each week.

2) Whenever possible I will choose doing something new over something I have done before.

3) I will offer my services free of charge to help others with their projects, to both push me out of my comfort zone and build community.

4) I will overcome my fear of rejection and blog about it, putting myself and my journey out to the world (go easy on me folks)

My goal (since I'm a super goal oriented person, shocker I know): I will gain the self- confidence, and perspective to figure out a way to overcome my fears, and take the leap to follow my true creative passion professionally!

Wish me luck!


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