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Room Transformation: Lakeview Drive Living Room in Woodstock, NY

This project is near and dear to my heart. I started working with this incredible family almost two years ago. They were on the hunt for the perfect modern Catskills home in Upstate, New York. We looked at several houses, discussed the option of doing an entire new build, got accepted offers, had some fall through due to bad inspections, and even had one gorgeous one ripped out from under us. However, the journey was worth it in the end, because we were able to find their absolute dream home. It felt so gratifying when they were finally able to sign those papers and get their keys, because not only had we found "the one" but then the real fun was about to begin -- designing the interior to their dream space!

In any project you take on, there are always design challenges. Even in the most beautiful raw spaces. Sometimes its layout, sometimes it's the sheer scale of the room, sometimes it's barren and leaves you in analysis paralysis of which direction to take. That's why working with an interior designer can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Most people don't realize it, but when you hire an interior designer, you are hiring someone who is a professional at solving problems. That alone makes them worth their weight in gold.

With this particular house, the first challenge was the living room. It was big, white, and although it was a gorgeous starting space, it was lacking spice. The previous owners had it designed in a very scandi-modern-boho fashion. While this look is very trendy, it wasn't exactly my client's style. We definitely needed to bring some color, bold prints and some spunk for my client. Annnnnnd I think we managed to do that.


After spending so much time touring homes with my client, Liz, I had a very clear sense of her style. She loves mid century modern. She loves clean lines. She leans towards minimalism, but she also loves cozy, soft luxury. I love that she is not afraid of a bold print and trusts me to add some fun wallpaper in. Pair that with the fact that the house is located in Upstate NY and needed to reflect that element as well. I knew I would be able to pull all this together for her, because I already feel very strongly that mid century modern doesn't have to be cold. So I went about the task of creating a mood board for each room. Here is what I came up with for the living room and the heart of the home:

Mood Board Created by Milanote. Interested in making one of your own? Please use my link! It's free! :)

It's funny looking back on this now a few months later. I definitely think I achieved the vibe, but I used slightly different pieces to get there. I was certain that as I selected each item, I would use those exact items. Ahhhh the journey of learning when you transition to a new career...

While I did use some of these items, and some in other rooms of the house, a lot of these items ended up being difficult to source for one reason or another. Either they were out of stock, or the delivery would be well past the install window. So along the way I had to pivot, revise and regroup to ensure the pieces I selected still came together with the same feeling, or spirit, of the original mood board.

Welp, folks! I think I pulled it off. But then again, you tell me what you think. Here it is, the grand reveal of the #LakeViewHouse! Check it out!

Shop the Look:

Pillows: Crewel Pillows

Dining Room Chairs: Fenway Side Chair

Overall, I am pretty darn excited with how this turned out. I think we achieved an awesome blend of mid century modern meets the Catskills meets minimalism. Fingers crossed my clients love it as much as I do!

And if you are interested in me designing your space, just shoot me a quick email to set up a consultation call ASAP! Most of you know by now that I am expanding my services to include everything ranging from virtual design packages to full service packages. I'm even doing some traveling in the new year to do some projects out of state. So let me know. Design is my passion, and I am so excited to help more people create the perfect space for themselves and their families!

Forever Grateful,


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