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Geometric Sleeping Nook: Woodstock, NY

How do you design a sleeping nook? Yeah, I had never done it before either, lol. This is one of the spots in the house that I absolutely loved though. I mean, who doesn't love a little surprise nook, especially when it opens up to an incredible rooftop terrace?!? Exactly, folks. This little spot made my heart flutter from the beginning, and I just knew we had to really make it a feature moment of this design.

Like the rest of the house, initially it was white. The single color was doing it a disservice. The white included the mattress, the walls... everything. And as stated in the previous post about the primary bedroom, we knew we had a duty to spice this area up and really make it a showpiece. So here's what it looked like when we started. Check it out:


Pretty blah, eh? I know, made me sad too. So much potential being underdeveloped... but don't worry. I was on the case!

My initial design focused on linking it to the main living space and the primary bedroom. I knew I wanted to stick with the black, white and gold theme. I actually had originally picked out the crocodile wallpaper for this unique space. I was worried it might be too much to present to my clients. But when the actual paper arrived, it was just too stunning to only be seen in the nook. It needed a more prominent place in the home. So I had to deviate from my original plans a little bit. But none-the-less here was the original thinking behind the space:

Mood Board Created by Milanote. Interested in making one of your own? Please use my link! It's free! :)

When I had to pivot, all I could think about were the angles up there. The triangle shape of the nook was just so. darn. cool. I knew if I painted the ceiling, that would highlight it. But how could I make an even bigger impact? The answer was geometry! I decided to go all in on the shapes and lines by finding the perfect wallpaper, a square pattern. I know, I know, I know, I was worried that squares and triangles wouldn't work, either. I thought I saw the vision in my head, but it was never a done deal until I saw the actual wallpaper go in. It was a risk I was taking and I just was hoping it would pay off. :)

Well, please let me know whether or not it did. Here is the final product, an original nook perfect for Catskills living:

Faux plant (similar but not exactly the same): Kurrajong Farmhouse Artificial Plant

Faux Fur Throw: Serissa Soft Fluffy Rug

Another fun fact about this design, and most designers can relate to this, but sometimes even up until the last possible second, you are editing and revising. So I already told you about how we had to pivot with the wallpaper and I decided to go totally geometric by adding squares into a triangle space. Well, folks, during the install day, I felt I needed to go one step further to really give it the elevated "designer" look.

Originally I had solid black bedding. When I dressed the bed, it looked okay, but it felt like something was missing still. So I decided to take the play on shape even further and go with a pinstriped duvet cover instead. Between the lines, which made the nook feel elongated, the squares, which ironically highlight the triangle shape -- it all just came together and made my lil' heart flutter.

A few other pro tips to drop in here for those who are looking to get a similar feel, in my opinion:

1) I intentionally placed the pillows at the foot of the bed for styling. Most people will sleep with their feet in the nook and their head near the opening. Thats why the lamp shade is on the side that opens widest. However, the back desperately needed softness, and it just made more sense to style it that way.

2) I used the duvet as a mattress cover here. Why? It's really hard to make this bed because you essentially have to sit on it while making it. We all know that is a nightmare when it comes to putting sheets on and off. So I got the idea to use the duvet and drop the mattress in that casing because I could lock it in there with the buttons on the top. It worked out super well.

3) I styled the lumbar throw pillow vertically, intentionally. It helped make the nook seem taller and wider all at once. Just again a little play with taking something standard and adding a twist to enhance the visual perception of a given area. :)

I hope you love this one as much as I do. I really would live in this little nook forever if I could. However, I recognize that would be weird, lol, so I gracefully turned it back over to my clients for them and their family to enjoy.

If you or anyone you know is interested and has a challenging space to design, please send them my way. I would love to work magic for you or them! Solving design challenges is my forte and I'm always happy to help!

Merry Christmas Eve!

Forever Grateful,


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