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Crocodile Bedroom in the Catskills: Woodstock, NY

Sometimes you create a bedroom that on paper doesn't seem like it works, but when it comes to life, it just does. This room was that for me as a designer. Looking at the raw space, it was giving me city, loft vibes. The room was huge, the ceiling was tall and the colors were white and sparse. Now you know I have a love for all different types of aesthetics, including raw, minimalist, spaces... so full disclosure, this place was gorgeous to begin with. Let's be clear about that. But both my clients and I felt like we could take it to the next level.

Here's a little preview of what it looked like before:


So as you can see, this was a classic case of "white box syndrome." Meaning it had all the elements but both the color and scale of the space weren't really doing much for it. It was a beautiful space but it lacked life, warmth and needed some problems solved in order for it to become the incredible bedroom it could be.

Well, here is how it turned out! Curious to hear your thoughts. Check it out:

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So without revealing everything in my bag-of-tricks, here are the main tools I played with as a designer to bring life into this place: Color, texture, scale, lighting and layout.


We added a rich black for high contrast. Since both the walls and floors were light, we knew we could use a really dark color and it wouldn't overpower the space, but rather it would solidify the focal point.


A luxe velvet headboard, creamy silky white sheets, faux hair cowhide, the sexy raised crocodile wallpaper and the leather chairs that will just age better and better with time. All of it together just brought layers upon layers of texture to the room.


This was a tall room. I intentionally chose a low profile bed to further exaggerate the ceiling height. Then we used a very tall chandelier to also draw the eye up and occupy the airspace. King size bed was a must so that it didn't get lost in the room. But we also made sure to not over-stuff the furnishings. We wanted it to remain feeling spacious, but simple and cozy.


Bedroom wall sconces were essential. Globe lighting brought in a little art deco vibe, but also kept with the theme of the high contrast of black and white. The gold hardware on the light fixtures was a nod to the sexy space. And of course, you know me, everything was placed on a dimmer so you can control the lighting based on the mood or vibe you are going for. One of my favorite features of the finished product is that as you go up the driveway, you can see that incredible globe chandelier framed perfectly in the upstairs window. While I would love to say it was by design, it was a happy accident that really elevated the entire home.


Lastly, we put the bed on the opposite wall of where it was originally placed. We chose to face it from the inside of the home out towards the trees that way when my clients are laying in bed, they can look out into the gorgeous forest and take in all the wonderful nature vibes. Plus having the bed on the inside wall allowed it to feel anchored and warm and become the focal point for the room.

So please let me know your thoughts! Did I accomplish the goal? How does this space compare to before? My ambition was to create a sexy, modern, but cozy bedroom for my clients. I hope I was able to achieve it.

And, as stated previously, I am now offering full service interior design services, so feel free to reach out to me to get started today. It doesn't have to be in the New York area either. I definitely travel for design installs. :)

Forever Grateful,


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