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Delightful Dome House

Unique shapes can be challenging for people to visualize. Not only the layout, but also the colors to use. This dome is the perfect blend of a 70’s retro vibe but also paired with a modern bohemian flair. Designed as an Airbnb to create a unique place to escape to, but also fuse in the tranquil vibes of the Hudson Valley, we brought in modern elements that would appeal to the masses yet make anyone feel right at home.

Some of the biggest challenges with this space were designing a kitchen in a specific and unique shape that still created flow and function. Additionally, we converted a two car garage into more living space which can be utilized as either a primary suite or a separate work from home office or studio.

Utilizing a limited budget due to the need to maximize ROI on this investment, I think we pulled of style, function as well approaching it from an very economical level.

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