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Hillsdale Mid Century Modern Weekender

Although the location and the architecture was already amazing, this foreclosure was a diamond in the rough and needed some TLC. Purchased by my client to short-term rent it out, we needed to bring it back to life, but also appeal to the masses that would be renting it. Luckily the canvas was clean and white, easy for us to add their personality and charm.

The living room is an open floor plan with the dining and kitchen. The biggest challenge this space faced was a disproportionally small kitchen that lacked space to entertain the amount of people the house could sleep. To address this, we added storage, expanded the island to add seating and created an additional outdoor dining space so that guests could enjoy alfresco dining when the weather permitted.

Timeless colors, clean lines with a touch of mixed metals connect each room aesthetically. Bold prints, statement pieces of art and lots of variation in fabric textures creates visual interest and ties in the area in which the house is located. Furniture was selected to be both comfortable, but durable considering it will get high usage.

Overall, this design was created to successfully maximize the ROI on this investment through sticking to a limited budget but making it visually stunning to attract and increase guest bookings. 

Photographs by Jonathan Simmons of Hudson Home Tours

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